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Vite Hydration

available in Lemon Lime
& Strawberry

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What is Vite Hydration?

Vite Hydration is a natural sports drink powder mix made with organic ingredients. It has been custom designed for the extreme demands of endurance athletes. Vite is ideal for triathletes, cyclists, and runners.  Basically anyone who sweats and needs to stay hydrated should have Vite in their bottle.

Mixing with Water

16oz = 2 scoops
    20oz = 2.5 scoops
24oz = 3 scoops

What's inside?

All Natural. Simple Ingredients. 
NO artificial flavors. NO artificial sweeteners.
NO ingredients that will cause GI issues.
dextrose, organic cane sugar, sodium citrate,
citric acid, potassium citrate, ascorbic acid

Are you drinking a
"watered Down"
version of your sports drink?

If you use less scoops than recommended
because it is too sweet...then you are.

Vite Hydration is light
on your taste buds

learn more below

Flavor & Sweetness

One of the biggest complaints we hear from athletes with other sports drinks are that they are too sweet.  At Vite we have realized this too and it is why you will find that our products are very lightly flavored.  This is not because we use less essential ingredients, it is because we only use ingredients which will not overpower your taste buds.  It is our recipe and ratio of ingredients that gives you everything you need for performance and hydration, without all the extra.  Take for example Sugar. Not all sugars are created equal.  Some are very sweet and some are not as sweet, same principle applies to fruit.
Another key point which most other companies over look, is that if the drink is too sweet then people will mix more water with it to "lighten" the flavor.  So what is wrong with that you might ask?  Here is where it gets interesting...

All the company's science and research gets completely thrown out the window when you don't follow the scoop to water ratio that a particular brand recommends.  Say your favorite brand recommends for a 20oz bottle of water that you use 2 scoops.  But because the flavor is too intense or it is too sweet, you only use 1 or 1 1/2 scoops.  Well now all the testing related to carb percentage, osmolality, water absorption, ratio of sugars and sodium, is all garbage.  You are now drinking a "watered down" version of what that company spent years testing.

At Vite, we make drinks which people WANT to drink.  It sounds simple, but if the drink tastes good then you will drink it and stay more hydrated.

Mixing Directions with Water

  16oz = 2 scoops
      20oz = 2.5 scoops
 24oz = 3 scoops